Pacifier & Bottle Weaning for Children with Autism in 6 Easy Steps

When Lucas was a baby, he was addicted to his pacifier. Since becoming a behavior analyst in 2003 I’ve seen tons of kids who are equally addicted to pacifiers and also kids who have major problems with bottle weaning. When I see parents with toddlers who have pacifiers in their mouths or drinking…

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sign language for autism

Sign Language for Autism: 3 Reasons to Teach Sign Language

Many autism professionals and parents have heard that children with autism benefit from sign language. But with the wave of technology, a lot of Speech Pathologists, Behavior Analysts and parents want to use other more technically advanced augmentative communication systems such as IPAD apps to…

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pacifier weaning

Pacifier Weaning for Children with Autism in 6 Easy Steps

Is your child or client with autism addicted to a pacifier? Today I'm covering 6 easy steps for pacifier weaning. Many children, especially those with behavioral issues frequently use pacifiers well past infancy. Their parents struggle with what to do about it so to keep them quiet and happy, they…

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autism and sleep

Autism and Sleep: How to Improve Sleep for Children with Autism

Sleep problems are very common in children with autism. With my own son, Lucas, I struggled with getting him to sleep in his own bed through the night for ten years. Using ABA techniques though, I was finally able to establish a step by step procedures that resulted in him sleeping through the…

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