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Online ABA Help For Autism Professionals
Courses & Community to help you and your clients with autism live better lives. 
"I'm forever changed as a BCBA as a result of taking Mary's courses"
Spears Beckham
BCBA & Course Alumni
The Verbal Behavior Bundle 
Working with early and intermediate learners, Teachers, Therapists and "Gung-ho" Parents
Nothing has changed in 20 years

It's 2018, and professionals like you are still stuck using outdated ABA programming to help your clients or students with moderate-to-severe autism.

To make things worse, most agencies are aware of these problems but they sit and watch as you and your clients unravel.

Struggle has become normal and you don’t really know how to fix it or where to turn for help. 
If you’ve ever felt:
  •  Frustrated that your one-size-fits-all treatment approach is making things worse.
  •  Angry that you're not receiving the right support and resources to help your clients.
  •  Jealous that other professionals are seeing results while you're still waiting
  •  Worried that as clients get bigger, you or someone else might get hurt.
  •  Burnt-out and unsure if you want to continue working in this profession.

The Verbal Behavior Bundle is perfect for you!

Here’s the truth: You can take control of your career, make a difference in your clients’ lives, and enjoy your life again.

You just need an approach that actually works. 

This bundle is our premier ABA-package. It's techniques have been proven by thousands of autism professionals and parents to help you create life-changing programming for kids of all language and learning levels. 

Most importantly, the lessons are designed to make learning easy and fun for busy professionals. So modules are packed with simple, relevant information that you can bring to life without having to struggle.

Course Package Benefits
This package is 100% online, pre-recorded, and meant for the busy professional or seasoned parent.
100% Online
Early morning or late night. Show up when you want and how you want. At home, work, or on the go.
Video Based
All lessons are pre-recorded easy to digest and full of real-life assessments performed on actual clients.
Designed For Time
We’ll make the path - you walk at your own pace. The course is made to adjust to your busy life, not the other way around.

For All Learners
A one-stop-shop for all your ABA needs. You'll be prepared to help any child at any language/learning level.
Grow In Community
This journey is difficult to walk alone. Be inspired by other professionals who know what it’s like to walk in your shoes.

Receive Credit
Earn CEUs while equipping yourself with techniques that actually work. Get 32 BACB CEU’s with the Verbal Behavior Bundle.

You're Not Alone 
When you Register for the Bundle, you'll receive exclusive access to our Private members-only Facebook Group. 
Here, you'll have a community to lean on when you have questions or need help. 

Join one of the most gracious and engaging online communities in the Autism world!
Mary Barbera
Who Will Benefit From These Courses?  
These courses were created for professionals who serve children with moderate-to-severe Autism, as well as "Gung-ho" parents.

Do you work with Early and Intermediate Learners? 

Find out below...
Early Learners
  • Language age 0-18 month (regardless of chronological age)
  •  Non-vocal or speaking in 1 word utterances
  •  Displays problem behavior
  •  VB-MAPP Level 1 Skills 

Intermediate A
  • 8 or younger chronological age
  •  Language abilities 2-4 year old
  •  Making progress in language
  •  Displays problem behavior
  •  VB-MAPP Level 2 & 3 Skills
Intermediate B
  • Ages 5-12
  •  Language ability 2-4 year old
  •  Poor language and reading comprehension
  •  Echolalia, OCD, attention issues
  •  VB-MAPP Level 2 & 3 Skill
Intermediate C
  • Teen or adult with autism & cognitive impairment
  •  Poor language, reading comprehesion
  •  Non-conversational
  •  Needs focus on functional communication, pre-vocational, and independence with self care skills  

What Are Professionals And Parents Saying?
We've received heartfelt feedback from many people. Here are just a few!
Rosemarie Griffin
BCBA/SLP & Course Alumni
- Ohio -
Mary’s courses were a great addition and of great use working as a pediatric OT in both in early intervention and outpatient settings. The self help, potty training, and reinforcement sections were not only great tools for me, but I was also able to share these strategies with parents to help their children be more successful.
Amy Cengeri
OTR/L & Course Alumni
- Pennsylvania -
As a parent with two young children with autism I have worked with a wide range of professionals. Regardless of skill level or background I have wished that every professional on my kids' teams be familiar with Mary's approach. The courses make so much sense yet are missing in so many programs I have come across.
Kelsey G.
Autism Mom & Course Alumni
- British Columbia, Canada -
For any professional moving from facility-based or school-based ABA to home-based, taking Mary's course is a must. If you, as a professional, have ever told a parent or a teacher to implement interventions for problem behaviors that will "make the behavior worse before it gets better," then Mary's course is a must. If you want to focus on prevention of problem behavior more than reaction to problem behavior, then Mary's course is a must. 
Spears Beckham
BCBA & Course Alumni
- South Carolina -
The ABA Approach You've Been Waiting For
Follow Along Module-by-Module
In as little as 15-minutes a day, you'll be able to implement an effective treatment plan for your clients. 
Join The Online Community
Gain confidence, competence, and create life-long relationships by growing alongside other autism professionals and parents.
Experience Real Transformation
Celebrate improved language and decreased problem behaviors in your clients and students but also see positive change in your own life. 
As an autism professional, teacher or therapist, you have two clear options:
Break free from ineffective programming. Or be overwhelmed by it.
Join us today and

  • Become completely comfortable teaching any child at any level
  • Celebrate knowing your programming changes lives
  •  Take control - stop letting others dictate your happiness at work
  •  Grow and learn alongside other professionals who understand you
  •  Become a trusted guide for those who are feeling lost in the maze
  •  Come to work excited to help your clients and their families get unstuck
  •  Grow the career of your dreams while doing what you love
Change nothing and 


  •  Stress more as problem behaviors mount for all your clients
  •   Watch in fear as kids and families suffer right before your eyes
  •  Feel lost because you don't know which advice to follow
  •  Loose sleep because you're worried about your career and future
  • Become dissatisfied because you feel far away from your purpose
What's Your Investment?
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One Time Payment
one (1) payment of:
6-Months Access:
Early & Intermediate Learner Courses
  • 12-Modules, 57 Pre-recorded Videos  ---  $997 value
  • 9 hours of Pre-recorded audio calls --- $497 value
  • 6-months Access to our private Facebook Community --- $297 value 
  • 25 FREE BONUS TRAINING VIDEOS --- $797 value
  • FREE BONUS: Ethical Series + 4 BACB Type II Ethics CEUs --- $197 value
  • + 28 Type II BACB CEUs for Behavior Analysts 
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Payment Plan
three (3) payments of:
6-Months Access:
Early & Intermediate Learner Courses
  • 12-Modules, 57 Pre-recorded Videos --- $997 value
  • 9 hours of Pre-recorded audio calls --- $497 value
  • 6-months Access to our private Facebook Community --- $297 value 
  • 25 FREE BONUS TRAINING VIDEOS  --- $797 value
  • FREE BONUS: Ethical Series + 4 BACB Type II Ethics CEUs --- $197 value
  • + 28 Type II CEUs for Behavior Analysts 
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!
Total Value of Courses + Bonuses
You have 14-days from the date of purchase to request a full refund. Check out some of the modules, bonus videos, and attend a LIVE Q&A Session to make sure the course is right for you. If you decide it's not we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.
Email [email protected] for Special Group Pricing
What You Get When You Buy The Bundle
Two Life-Changing Courses + Powerful Online Community + Incredible Bonus Resources!
Early Learner Course
4-units, 17 pre-recorded video lessons
Unit #1: ABA/VB Overview
Get acquianted with Mary's unique approach of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy and Verbal Behavior (VB) to change lives. Learn how to get your therapy room ready using a simple checklist and where to start with your child or client.
Unit #2: Prevent & Reduce Problem Behaviors
Learn why problem behaviors occur and how to immediately prevent or totally eliminate them. Understand how to analyze the 4 functions of behavior and how to handle situations when more than one function is involved. Use Mary's case study template to determine the best intervention techniques for your child or clients. 
Unit #3: Verbal Operants & Errorless Teaching
You'll learn verbal operantants like mand, tact, intraverbal, and understand why they're important. Plus, you'll learn how to assess using the VB-MAPP and transform the way you lead by adding transfer trials and a new errorless teaching approach.
Unit #4: Putting It All Together
Know what data to collect to measure your child or clients' progress overtime. Avoid common ABA mistakes by teaching language in the right order + the 4-part approach to use when problem behaviors creep up.
Intermediate Learner Course
8-units, 40 pre-recorded video lessons
Unit #1: Getting Started
Learn how to identify the 3 common profiles of an intermediate learner. Plus, discover the 5 most common intermediate programming mistakes and what to do instead. 
Unit #2: Assessing Your Learner
This unit is all about assessment. Learn how to assess for functional skills, language, pre-academic and behavioral issues. You'll learn to complete a full intermediate & VB-MAPP assessments.
Unit #3:  Planning Your Course of Action
Progress can't be made without a proper plan. We'll help you create a plan utilizing effective reinforcement and teaching strategies so you can reduce problem behaviors in your intermediate learners.
Unit #4: Complex Language with ABA/VB 
This unit is all about teaching complex language skills to your intermediate learners. Discover the art of teaching tacting, echoics, intraverbals and intraverbal webbing, and advanced mands.
Unit #5:  Self-Care & Related Skills
Help improve eating, sleeping, toileting, grooming, and dressing skills in your intermediate learners. Discover how to teach independence with routines, leisure activities, and pro-vocational tasks.
Unit #6: Teaching Academic Skills
First, you'll receive an overview of pre-academic skills, like teaching colors and shapes. Then you'll dive into learning how to teach reading, writing, and math success!
Unit #7: Additional Language Protocols
For more advanced intermediate learners, you'll learn how to create and use language protocols, teach pronouns, prepositions, and YES/NO.  You'll also learn how to adapt commercially available Direct Instruction Curricula such as Language for Learning.
Unit #8: Programming For Success!
Finally, you'll bring it all together and be ready to change lives. We'll review and you'll be ready to start programming for intermediate learner success.
+ Your Free Bonuses!
Mary Barbera
9 Hours of Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions
Listen to these information-packed audio sessions at work, home, or on-the-go. Learn from Mary, Dr. Mark Sundberg, other autism professionals and parents.
$497 value ... Free with The Bundle
Mary Barbera
Access to Private Facebook Community
Meet other professionals, teachers, and therapists who serve kids with moderate-to-severe autism. Get help from Mary and other professionals, as you grow inside one of the most powerful online communities in the autism world! 
$297 value ... FREE with The Bundle
Access to ABA Video Vault
Get 6-months of access to 25+ training videos and additional resources. Use these tools to help your clients or utilize the full video vault to train other professionals and parents. You'll learn how to teach everything from toileting and self-care to proper greetings. 
$797 value ... FREE with The Bundle
SPECIAL BONUS: Ethical Learning Series
Receive our brand-new, never released before, 4-part lecture series on ethical considerations in the field of ABA. When you complete the series you'll get 4 Type II BACB CEUs, which fulfills the ethics requirements for a Behavior Analyst for 2-years.
$197 value ... FREE with The Bundle
These Bonuses Retail for... $1788.00
More Feedback From Professionals!
Mags Kirk
Speech and Language Therapist & Course Alumni
- United Kingdom -
Kristen Colyer
BCBA & Course Alumni
- Maryland -
Fabienne Serna
Autism Consultant and Mom
 & Course Alumni
- Switzerland -
You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much time will it take for me to participate in the course?
Each Unit is split into 3 or 4 easy-to-watch video lessons. Each lesson is 10-40 minutes in length so each unit should take 1-2 hours total to complete. The optional homework can be done as you work with your child or clients. The ELC course should take a minimum of 12 hours to complete, while the ILC course should take 16 hours.
How does the membership program work after the 6-month period?
At the end of 6-months, you will have the option to continue to receive access to the Autism ABA Help Members-Only Facebook Community as well as several bonus videos through our monthly membership program.
What ages will these courses be relevant to?
This program is for children from toddlers to teens. If your client does not yet speak or speaks in one word or short phrases, is not conversational, and has mild to moderate problem behaviors – the Early Learner course is for you!  And if your child/client has more language but isn’t conversational yet, the Intermediate Learner course will be extremely helpful.  This course covers techniques relevant to VB-MAPP and Level 2 and 3 Learners who need to learn advanced language skills such as prepositions and asking questions.
How will the program work if I live outside of the United States?
One of the true advantages of this program is the fact that you can access it any time no matter where you are located. In fact, since the program was first launched in the spring of 2015, we’ve had members from 45 different Countries spanning 6 continents.
Will I have the ability to ask Dr. Barbera questions during program?
Yes, the Facebook Group is very active and monitored on a very regular basis by Dr. Barbera and other professionals who can discuss the course and answer your questions. Due to ethical and legal requirements, however, we cannot offer specific programming advice for your particular child or client. But Dr. Barbera will guide you as you learn from the materials and help you apply the concepts. Best of all if you get stuck, we will help you. In addition to the FB group, live Q and A calls inside the Facebook group with Dr. Barbera are available once per month and recorded for those who cannot attend live.
Will I have access to all materials for 6-months?
Yes! All videos, homework, tools, recorded and live calls, bonuses, and Facebook Group will be available for 6-months from the date of purchase.
Will CEUs be earned for the completing the courses?
Yes! 32 Type 2 BACB CEUs can be earned for BCBAs/BCaBAs with the completion of all the videos, audio calls + ethics lesson, as well as a short evaluation of the course. A certificate of completion for 32 hours of continuing education will be given to all who finish the course. These hours can often be counted toward professional development requirements. 
I am already a practicing professional in the autism field - will these courses be too basic for me?
No, I am confident you will not find these courses too basic. The Early Learner Course was designed for both parents and professionals so it's not highly technical, but it is highly practical for day-to-day implementation with your clients!
The Intermediate Learner Course is more geared towards professionals (and parents with advanced training) who are tackling advanced language skills.
I’m overwhelmed by all the information on the internet. I don’t know who to trust or what program to start (diet, supplements, ABA, horse therapy, preschool, speech therapy, typical pre-school). I’m afraid of choosing the wrong interventions. Can your program be done with other programs already in place?
As a parent of a son with autism, I know how overwhelming information on the internet can be! That’s one of the main reasons I created this program so you don’t have to sift through all the information on the internet. Within the program (which can be combined with anything you have in place now), I give you step-by-step procedures all based on the science of ABA, which is the most proven therapy for children with autism. If you have further questions email us at [email protected] and our team will help you with any additional questions.
Get Started Today Risk-Free
If for any reason you're not satisfied with the bundle, return it within 14-days of purchase and we'll refund you 100% of your money. No questions asked!
Dr. Mary Barbera - Creator of Turn Autism Around Courses
I Can Help You Get Unstuck...
I know what it feels like to be lost in the autism treatment maze. It's a lonely, scary place. But, I also know what it's like to come out on the other side - to see real transformations take place.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I’ve been in the autism world for 2 decades, first as a confused parent, and then as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of children with autism. Many of these kids made miraculous gains. 

But that's not every story. With autism numbers rising exponentially, there are millions of parents, professionals, and children who desperately need help and have nowhere to turn. 

This course bundle was designed to teach you effective-ABA techniques so you can help your child or clients, toddlers to teens, live happier, more productive lives. 

It was made for you. Whether you're a tired professional or "gung-ho" parent, the maze is difficult to navigate but with "the right approach," you can get unstuck and take back control. 

I'll see you inside!

All my best,

Help Yourself , Your Clients, and Their Families
It's not worth struggling. Learn the approach that can help you turn things around for good.
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