Dr. Mary Barbera
Autism Mom - BCBA-D - Best-Selling Author
3 Biggest Mistakes Autism Professionals Make With Intermediate Learners
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    Are you an autism professional struggling with how best to teach students who have moderate to severe autism? Maybe you're a behavior analyst, teacher or speech therapist who is trying to help your clients or students learn new language skills like prepositions and pronouns. 

    Or maybe you're trying to teach academic skills like reading, math and writing but all you're getting are more problem behaviors and weirder language. 
Dr. Mary Barbera
Autism Mom, Behavior Analyst,
and Best-Selling Author
I'm Dr. Mary Barbera, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Autism mom to Lucas, who's been an intermediate learner for almost 2 decades. I've helped thousands of autism professionals and highly motivated parents turn autism around for their students and children. 

I've never provided this information outside of my online courses so you don't want to miss it and if you show up live there will be a special bonus for you! 

If you attend this workshop, I'm confident you'll learn several things (even if you're already a seasoned autism professional) that will help you better teach your students with autism who are talking but not making much progress
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