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Potty Training Autism

Potty Training Autism: Toilet Training Guide & Tips for Parents and Professionals

If you're having any potty problems, you're likely also going to have a lot of other problems. I just created this free ebook on potty training autism, and I am going to take a few minutes to tell you what's inside the book in this video blog.……


Grandparenting a Child with Autism: How to Be a Supportive Grandparent

Today's video blog is all about grandparenting and some of the challenges and the unique role of being a grandparent of a child with autism. 

Teaching Intraverbals to Children with Autism

I recently received a question from someone in my online community about why I recommend Dr. Mark Sundberg’s intraverbal subtests. Intraverbals are a big part of teaching conversational skills, so this video is all about assessing and teaching this important communication skill.……

insurance coverage

Insurance Coverage for Autism: Who Pays for Treatment? | Interview with Lorri Unumb

ABA Therapy is critical and life-changing for your child or clients with autism, but insurance coverage isn't always available and paying out of pocket is extremely expensive. When Lorri Unumb found out it wouldn't be covered for her son with insurance, she decided to take matters into her own…

Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement in Therapy for Children with Autism

As parents, it can be scary when your child is first diagnosed or showing signs of autism. Instead of being scared, we should be jumping on the bandwagon to help our children as early as possible with or without a diagnosis and with or without a therapy team. Parental involvement is critical. But…


Improving Decision-Making Skills for Children with Autism

Decision-making skills for kids with autism can be very challenging considering you can't always be exactly sure that they're picking the choice that they actually want. Usually, kids with autism who have trouble with decision-making, pick the first choice or the last choice and don’t really choose…

Teaching Techniques

Teaching Techniques: Common Mistakes When Teaching Children with Autism

As behavior analysts, teachers, and even parents, we all make mistakes teaching our children and clients with and without autism. Today we'll be discussing teaching techniques and some of the more common mistakes professionals and parents make when teaching. I know I've made all of these mistakes…

aba therapy

ABA Therapy: How Many Hours Are Needed for Kids with Autism?

A lot of people get confused when they hear the words intensive ABA therapy. I get questions all the time about how many hours kids should be getting with the BCBA and with a therapist. So today I want to give you some of my thoughts on what intensive ABA therapy entails and what you should be…


TalkTools: An Approach to Improve Speech Clarity & Feeding Skills

TalkTools is an approach to improve speech clarity and feeding skills as well as to improve things like drooling in children with and without autism. 

body parts

Teaching Body Parts to Children with Autism

Teaching children with autism to label and touch their body parts is one of the most important skills to teach. Body parts are important no matter if a child is very young and has no language or if a child is older and has some language. Over my many years working with hundreds of children with…