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Games for Kids with Autism & How to Start Teaching Games

Teaching kids with autism to play games is tricky. In 2008, I met a behavior analyst who changed my whole view on how to teach games. So today, I want to talk about Steve Ward and his book on this important topic. 

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement vs. Bribery

There's a lot of confusion between bribery and reinforcement, and it's really important for both autism professionals and parents to know the difference. So today I'm talking all about this important topic, and how you can ensure you're using positive reinforcement. 


Improving Pronunciation & Articulation in Children with Autism

Kids with autism, whether they start talking when they're two, four, or eight, often have really problematic articulation that doesn't always follow the typically developing rules. Their articulation can be really difficult to understand. So today I'm going to discuss articulation issues and my…

severe autism

What is Severe Autism & Why Helping Severe Autism in Children is Harder Than Ever

Many kids with severe autism have extreme difficulties, and both parents and professionals struggle with how to help kids with severe autism. Today I'm going to talk about three reasons why helping kids with severe autism is harder than ever. 


How to Advocate and Become a Better Advocate for Children with Autism

Advocating for children with autism is sometimes a rough road for parents and professionals. So today, I'm going to give you 5 steps both parents and professionals can take to advocate more effectively for kids with autism. 


Autism Behavioral Strategies: FBA vs. FA

Most funding sources require an FBA, a Functional Behavior Assessment, before treatment for autism can be started and sometimes at regular intervals, especially if new problem behaviors occur. There's also a lot of confusion between an FBA and an FA, a Functional Analysis. Last week I got an email…

teaching social skills

Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism - 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Social skill deficits are one of the most common deficits in kids with autism. In fact, since it's one of the signs of autism, it almost always shows up in kids with autism. And I found that parents and professionals make 3 common mistakes when it comes to social skill instruction. So today I want…

transfer procedures

Using Transfer Procedures to Teach Children with Autism

Are you using transfer procedures to teach children with autism? If you're not, you definitely want to tune in for this week's video blog where I am going to be talking about a paper that was published by myself and Dr. Rick Kubina, my BCBA mentor, in 2005 called “Using Transfer Procedures to Teach…

treating autism

Treating Autism: Why My Verbal Behavior Approach is Different & Better

I recently did a podcast on the 10 ways that I believe my verbal behavior approach for treating autism is different and better for kids with autism. So today, I want to give you the top three ways that I believe my approach is unique and might be able to help you, help your children or clients do…

problem behaviors

How to Reduce Problem Behaviors | Autism Intervention for Problem Behaviors

Both autism professionals and parents report that their number one challenge by far, hands down, is the reduction of problem behaviors. So in today's video blog, I am pulling out a short excerpt from podcast number six which is all about reducing problem behaviors.