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how to deal with stress

How to Deal with Stress for Autism Moms & Dads

Did you know that mothers of children with autism experience the stress levels of combat soldiers? Today I'll be addressing this serious issue and giving some strategies on how to deal with stress for autism moms and dads.


ADHD vs. Autism – Differences, Early Signs & Next Steps to Take

When toddlers are inattentive, hyper focused on certain topics or items, or extremely hyperactive, both professionals and parents wonder if it's normal, if it's just a phase, or if it's ADHD or autism. Today, I want to discuss ADHD vs. autism symptoms in very young children and the treatment for…

autism sensory issues

Autism Sensory Issues: What is Sensory Overload & How Can You Deal with It?

I commonly hear things like, "my child's problem behaviors are caused by sensory issues, so I don't want to treat them like behavior issues." I feel like there's a lot of confusion as to whether a behavior is caused by something sensory, or if it should be treated like any other behavior. So, today…

high functioning autism

High Functioning Autism vs. Low Functioning Autism: Is There a Difference?

When my son Lucas was young, I thought he had high functioning autism because he was included in typical toddler preschool classes and was warm and cuddly with me. But now most would consider Lucas low functioning. After two decades in the autism world, I really don't like the terms "high…


Preparing for the Holidays with Your Child with Autism

Holidays can be a stressful time for children with autism and their families, as well as for the professionals who work with them. Today, I'm going to give you some tips that might help make your holidays a little bit less stressful, and more joyful.


Delayed Echolalia and Scripting in Children with Autism

Many kids with autism who have some language but are not conversational say lines from movies and pat phrases repetitively. We call this scripting or delayed echolalia. So today I'm going to cover why kids with autism script so much and give some strategies to reduce it if it becomes a problem.

positive parenting

How Do You Discipline a Child with Autism - Positive Parenting Techniques

Autism professionals and parents often have a lot of questions surrounding disciplining children with and without autism. There's added confusion about what discipline is, and how you should do it. So today we're talking all about the important subject of discipline and positive parenting.

autism and eye contact

Autism and Eye Contact: Should You Be Teaching Eye Contact to Children with Autism?

Many children with autism struggle with and have poor eye contact. Both parents and professionals often wonder if we should focus on teaching eye contact, and, if so, how to teach this important nonverbal skill. Today I'm going to get on my soapbox about autism and eye contact.

autism meltdown

Dealing with Meltdowns in Children with Autism | Autism Meltdown Strategies

Recently, on a Facebook Live, I asked parents and professionals if they could wave a magic wand, what autism struggle would they want to go away? A handful of people said they wanted to make meltdowns go away, so today, I'm going to talk about three autism meltdown strategies to help both parents…

autism and dental care

Making Going to the Dentist Easier for Kids with Autism | Autism and Dental Care

Many kids with autism have a hard time going to the dentist, and since dental visits only happen one to two times a year it's hard to work on this skill. So today I'm going to show you a video and talk about strategies you can work on to make going to the dentist easier.