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signs of developmental delay

Signs of Developmental Delay Bring Parents Into Autism Denial

When you start seeing signs of developmental delay, it's easy to think it could be autism. You may go into denial as I did many years ago. Maybe you've talked to family members who say things like he's just a little late talking and he'll catch up. Don't worry. Maybe you see red flags, but then…

behavior data collection

Autism Behavior Data Collection with Clickers

Are you using clickers in an autism classroom or a home program for behavior data collection? Well, you may be using them incorrectly. Find out how I recommend using these clickers and what you can start doing today.


Preparing for the Holidays with Your Child with Autism

Holidays can be a stressful time for children with autism and their families, as well as for the professionals who work with them. Today, I'm going to give you some tips that might help make your holidays a little bit less stressful, and more joyful.

toddler saying no

Is Your Toddler Saying No to Everything? Here's What To Do

My son, Lucas, once went through a time period where he was saying no for everything. I recently got asked a question by one of my online community members. The question was what to do if your child or clients answer every question with no. Is your toddler saying no to everything? Don't miss this…

conditional discrimination

Conditional Discrimination in Kids with Autism

Conditional discrimination errors are very common in children with autism, especially intermediate learners. When we say conditional discrimination, we mean that a child makes errors. Say you have a paper towel versus toilet paper, they're very similar. The child makes an error not because they're…

Autism Teeth Grinding & Its Relationship to Feeding Problems

Kids with autism usually have problems with picky eating and sometimes can have other oral-motor problems such as teeth grinding. Autism teeth grinding can be particularly challenging because it can be medical and/or behavioral.

activities of daily living

Activities of Daily Living: Teaching Self-Care Skills to Kids with Autism

Many parents and professionals struggle with how to teach kids with autism activities of daily living. Activities of daily living include how to dress, how to shower, how to wash hands, and how to clean up for meals for instance. So today I want to talk about how I learned through this book,…

time out

When to Use Time Out for Kids With and Without Autism

Today, I'm talking all about the use of time out for children with and without autism and why I rarely recommend using time out for parents or professionals. If you are using time out or have used it in the past, you don't want to miss today's episode.

Potty Training Autism

Potty Training Autism: Toilet Training Guide & Tips for Parents and Professionals

If you're having any potty problems, you're likely also going to have a lot of other problems. I just created this free ebook on potty training autism, and I am going to take a few minutes to tell you what's inside the book in this video blog. Each week I provide you with some of my ideas about…


Grandparenting a Child with Autism: How to Be a Supportive Grandparent

Today's video blog is all about grandparenting and some of the challenges and the unique role of being a grandparent of a child with autism.