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How to Teach Children with Autism to Respond to Their Name

When a child does not respond to their name when called can be one of the first hallmark signs of autism. This is considered a “red flag” on the Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers or the M-CHAT and a diagnostic indicator on the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule –known as the ADOS. Since…

Johnny No! Why Overusing a Child’s Name Can Be a Problem for Children with Autism

Today I’d like to talk about overusing your client’s or child’s name and this is a piece of advice I have given to hundreds of professionals and parents over the past almost 2 decades: Don’t overuse a child͛’s name, especially when placing a demand or saying no.

Is it Time to Start Teaching Reading?

As a BCBA, I often see a heavy focus on teaching reading, math or other academic skills with both younger and older children with autism. In this week's video, I talk about the important lessons I've learned in situations like this:

"My client or child with autism freaks out when ___________."

In today's video, I'm addressing a super common question I get from parents and professionals around the world - "How do I de-sensitize a child with autism to loud noises or prevent situations that cause him or her to freak out?"

The #1 Mistake I See Autism Professionals and Parents Making

In today's video blog I want to discuss the number one mistake I see both autism professionals and autism parents making when working with their clients or child with autism.

A Major Autism A-Ha Idea: Dr. Carbone’s 3 Buttons

I recently asked my Autism ABA Help monthly members for some pivotal ideas or Ah-ha moments that they found especially helpful in my course. One member said Dr. Vincent Carone's three buttons had a huge influence on her both during and after the course. So let's talk about these three buttons in…

Balancing Reinforcement and Demands for Your Client or Child With Autism

In this week's video blog, I want to share with you a useful analogy I use to examine how we work with our clients or children with autism:

How Much Positive Praise Do You Give?

I gave a keynote presentation called “Lessons Learned on my Autism Journey.” One of the lessons is about positive praise. The best part of this lesson is that you will most likely benefit no matter how old you are, no matter if you are male or female and no matter if you know anything about autism.…

Can I Even Make a Dent With One Hour of Autism ABA Therapy?

I’m often asked by both autism professionals and parents how much of an impact they can make in an hour or two of ABA therapy per day or per week. In this week's video blog, I'm giving you my take on how to best utilize that time:

How to Get a Parent Out of Autism Denial

I’m often asked "How do you get a parent out of denial so they make an appointment to determine if their child falls on the autism spectrum?" In today's video blog, I'm giving you three tips to help an autism parent in denial.