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echolalia and autism

The Best Way to Get a Child with Autism Speaking

Do you have a child or client with less than five words that you can rely on? Maybe the child has some pop-out words, but you don't know how to get the child speaking more? Today, I'm going to talk about echolalia and autism, and the main way we can start to get words heard more frequently and to…

autism to blow their nose

How to Teach a Child with Autism to Blow Their Nose

Before I had a son with autism and then became a Behavior Analyst, I never imagined how hard it would be to teach a child to blow his nose. Today I'm going to break down the steps and give you some easy strategies to help you teach your client or child with autism to blow their nose.

how to stop a child from hitting

How to Stop a Child from Hitting | Resolving Autism Aggression

When people find out I'm a Behavior Analyst and work with children with autism the most common question I get is how do I stop my child from problem behaviors such as hitting? So how do I stop my child from hitting? Or biting? Or yelling? How do I stop my child from doing something? Today, I'm…

teaching pronouns to kids with autism

Teaching Pronouns to Kids with Autism & Avoiding Pronoun Reversal

Many children with autism have a difficult time teaching pronouns to kids with autism. For instance, if you tell a child, "Hang up your backpack" that child may say "Hang up your backpack" while he's hanging up his own backpack. It gets to be a bad game of who's on first. So today I'm going to talk…

How to Be the Best Parent You Can Be to a Child with Autism

Are you worried you're not being the best parent you can be to your child with autism? Today I'm giving some advice on parenting kids with and without special needs that I learned from being in the autism world for two decades.

best way to learn to tie shoes

The Best Way to Learn to Tie Shoes for Children with Autism

Teaching children with autism to tie their shoes is in some ways really complicated. But after teaching Lucas to tie his shoes, and then many other clients, I have a system that works. Today, I'm going to review the best way to learn to tie shoes for children with autism.

tit for tat programming

Tit for Tat Programming - Properly Programming for Autism Children

I am probably the most pro-verbal behavior programming person you will ever come across, but I have seen a lot of behavior analysts and teachers focusing on the wrong targets in the wrong order. Today, I'm going to get on my soapbox and talk about what I call "tit for tat programming".

teaching kids with autism

Teaching Kids with Autism to Love Table Time for Learning

A common problem in home and school ABA programs is kids resisting coming to the table or work area, or leaving the work area. Today, I'm going to talk to you about sanitizing the environment, and how this can be a critical step to get kids running to the table to start and continue learning.

physical prompt

Using a Physical Prompt for Children with Autism | Autism & ABA Ethics

Kids with autism often require a lot of physical prompting, especially when they are learning new tasks. But in my two decades in the autism world, I've seen a lot of physical prompting that would definitely be considered physical restraint and a few instances where some would consider it even…

autism haircut

Preventing Problem Behaviors During Autism Haircuts

I'm often asked, "How do you get a child with autism to tolerate a haircut?" Many young children with autism have a very difficult time tolerating not only haircuts but also nail clipping and all kinds of medical procedures. Today, I'm going to dive in and talk about some ways you can make autism…