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Improving the Life of a Child With Autism
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The Course is Currently Closed.
Are you frustrated, that you can’t teach your clients or child with autism because problem behaviors are getting in the way?
If you are an autism professional or a parent working with a child with autism,
you may be experiencing some of the following
If you are a professional
  • You are frustrated by the lack of progress, especially with your clients with autism who have minimal language and problem behaviors including self-stim behavior that happens in most of your sessions.
  • The ABA theory you may have learned in school seemed to make sense back then but with your caseload now, you feel like you are just “putting out fires.” 
  • You have seen videos of cooperative kids with autism learning language but you are having a difficult time gaining any cooperation so you can teach. 
  • You are worried about the lack of progress but what is more concerning to you is the realization that as these kids get bigger, someone is going to get hurt. 
  • If you are a BCBA you are frustrated by the lack of Type 2 BACB CEU opportunities that truly are transformative for you and your clients. 
  • You lay in bed worrying about your safety and thinking about your desire to learn more effective techniques so you can turn things around for you and your clients.
If you are a Parent
  • You may wonder why everyone can’t be on the same page. It seems like all you do is coordinate therapists who seem to be “doing their own thing” while your child’s behavior is getting worse.
  • You know that most professionals recommend ABA but no one explains what a program should look like and how you can get it in place quickly.
  • You are overwhelmed by so much information on the internet. Everyone is giving you advice but you don’t know who to trust and what program you should try to put into place.
  • You lay in bed worrying about your child’s future.
But It’s Actually Possible for You to Increase Language and Decrease Problem Behaviors
…Starting Today.
Imagine Your Child or Client with Autism Running to the Table to Learn Language Skills From YOU without Problem Behaviors
Imagine Being Able to
  • See Your Child or Client Running to the Table to Learn from YOU!
  • Control Problem Behaviors Both at the Table and In the Natural Environment
  • See Language and Learning Skills Expand Right Before Your Eyes!
  • Take Simple Data so You are Sure Your Child is Making Gains
  • Feel Excited about Working with Your Clients Again!
I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I “Fell Into” the Autism World in 1999 when my First Born Son Lucas was Diagnosed with Autism One Day Before His 3rd Birthday
Over the past two decades, I ventured out to find the best treatment for Lucas and others. In the process, I became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and had the privilege of working with hundreds of children with autism and have trained thousands of parents and professionals around the world. I am also the author of the best-selling book The Verbal Behavior Approach: how to teach children with autism and related disorders which has sold more than 50 thousand copies and is available in eight languages.
The Verbal Behavior Approach – How to teach Children with Autism and Related Disorders
  • Published in 2007
  • Forward by Dr. Mark Sundberg
  • More than 50,000 Copies Sold
  • Available in Several Languages
  • Endorsed by Leaders in the ABA Field, Professionals and Parents!
Plenty of Parents and Professionals Have Read My Book But Few Knew How to Apply All the Concepts

…Until Now!
Mrs. K read my book early on and spent more than a year trying to get a high-quality ABA program in place for her daughter.

Despite sending her daughter to an ABA classroom 4 half days per week, paying for her to attend a daycare one day a week for socialization with typically developing peers, paying co-pays for private speech and OT services, and even hiring a private BCBA, Mrs. K’s daughter failed to make any meaningful progress. 

After a year of no progress, Mrs. K is now confident and knows how to engage her daughter and prevent problem behaviors. Most importantly her precious daughter is finally making progress!
Implementing an ABA Program Without the Right Guidance Can Result in Limited Progress and Increase Problem Behaviors!

Autism ABA Help
As a parent of a son with autism, a BCBA-D and a best selling author I know how overwhelming autism ABA information can be so in 2015, I created the Autism ABA Help Online Training Program to help both professionals and parents learn to teach language skills while reducing problem behaviors using a step-by-step system I developed to help you start or re-vamp an ABA program!
My Autism ABA Help Online Training breaks down proven ABA strategies into simple techniques you can implement immediately to help your clients or child talk more with fewer tantrums.
This Course Is For Professionals and Parents Who Want to Help
  • Children with Autism or Related Disorders or at High Risk of Autism
  • Children with Language/age Abilities of a 1-4 year old (Regardless of Chronological Age) 
  • Children with Minimal to No Language Who are Not Conversational and Are Only Able to Speak in Short Phrases 
  • Children with Minor or Moderate Problem Behaviors Which are Not Life-Threatening (Children with more significant behavior problems need to be seen and treated directly by professional staff including a BCBA).
“The whole course was a wonderful experience for me. I am a BCBA and saw Mary present two years ago (which I loved) and refer to The Verbal Behavior Approach book often. I registered for this course without hesitation and was so happy I did!”

- Kristen Colyer, BCBA Maryland
Hundreds of professionals and parents from more than 40 countries have taken the Autism ABA course
In this completely online, self-paced program, you will learn
  • Where to start with your child or clients with autism
  • Where to set up your learning table and what materials you’ll need to gather 
  • How to implement simple ABA programs with common toys such as puzzles, pictures of family members, a shoebox, and Mr. Potato Head! 
  • How to teach language and learning skills (even if you are not a trained professional). 
  • How to prevent and reduce problem behaviors and tackle new issues as they arise 
  • How to collect the data you need to help measure your child or client’s gains
From Novice and Expert Parents to Seasoned BCBAs, SLPs, and Teachers, the Feedback has Been Overwhelmingly Positive.
You’ll get 60 days of access to the course materials including the Getting Started Unit and 4 Units of video content. Each unit is broken down into 3 or 4 short video lessons outlining my step-by-step approach to teaching children with autism. Each video ranges from 10 to 30 minutes and can be viewed all at once or in stages depending on your schedule!
What is Include?
60 days of access to the 17 video lessons
Six recorded group Q&A coaching cells
(One with Dr.Mark Sunderberg)
that can be downloaded so you can listen on the go
Dozens of downloadable worksheets so that you can apply everything you learn immediately
A certificate of completion for 12 type II CEUs for behavior Analysts, Early Intervention or other inservice hour

What People Are Saying About the Course
Kristen, a BCBA since 2013 who is now enrolled in a PhD program in Applied Behavior Analysis
Kelsey, a single mom living in Canada with 2 boys under the age of 3, one diagnosed with autism
Rosemarie a Speech and Language Pathologist and a BCBA
Dr. Jill Forte, an autism mom turned BCBA in 2011
Anna, autism mom to a 10 year old son
Getting Started Unit
Get to know me better both as a parent of a son with autism (who was diagnosed in 1999) and as a professional who has worked directly with hundreds of children with autism. Learn to take data easily by counting words or sounds heard by your child or client. Since we repeat this assessment at the end of the course you’ll know if your child or client is making progress while learning that taking data doesn’t have to be scary!
“In 5 weeks, my son’s language doubled using the program!”

- Barbra, Mom to 3-year-old newly diagnosed with autism Iowa
Unit 1
ABA/VB Overview
  • Learn what ABA is and why you need to learn about it
  • Also I’ll explain why adding Verbal Behavior (VB) to an existing ABA program is ALWAYS a good idea
  • You’ll learn where to start with your child or client and how to get your home or school therapy room (or corner of the room) ready!
  • Gathering materials will be easy too with a handy checklist of things you might even have already in your home such as a shoebox, pictures of family members, and Mr. Potato Head!
“I loved the example videos within the course and how Mary showed how to cost effectively set up a program from scratch!”

- Mary Robinett, BCBA Ohio
Unit 2
Preventing and Reducing Problem Behaviors
  • You’ll finally understand why your child or client has so many challenging behaviors and what strategies you can start immediately to prevent or totally eliminate them
  • In the homework section in Unit 2 there is a handy case study template to walk you through your child or client’s exact issues and guide you to figure out what interventions you should choose
  • You’ll be able to download this handy PDF and use it again and again for other clients or future behaviors your child may start to exhibit in the future.
Unit 3
The Verbal Operants and Errorless Teaching
  • We’ll cover the verbal operants so you’ll finally understand the difference between a mand, tact, and intraverbal and why this is important!
  • I’ll show you how to assess and program using the VB-MAPP which is an awesome tool
  • The information on transfer trials and errorless teaching will change the way you teach your child or client both at the table and in the natural environment
Unit 4
Putting it All Together
  • I break data collection down so that it is practical and doable
  • You will learn how to build language in the right order and avoid common ABA programming mistakes
  • Finally, I will help you pull it all together with a 4-part step-by-step approach you can use over and over with your child or clients when different problem behaviors creep up
Your Bonuses
10 Bog Thing To Do When Starting or Revamping an ABA Program
10 Big Thing To Do When Starting or Revamping an ABA Program
Sleep Bonus Video + eBook
Sleep Bonus Video + eBook
More Talking Less Tantrums eBook
More Talking Less Tantrums eBook
Treatment of Eating Problems Video
Treatment of Eating Problems Video
Reinforcements System Video
Reinforcements System Video
What’s the Investment?
$497 or 3 easy payments of $197 
Group of 5 or more? 
Email [email protected] for an additional discount!
My Happiness Guarantee
If you are not totally thrilled with the Autism ABA Help Program within 14 days of purchase, we offer a full money back guarantee
Imagine 2 Months From Now
  • Your Child or Client Running to the Table to Learn from You
  • Having the tools to increase talking and decrease tantrums and be able to tackle new issues as they arise 
  • Being comfortable taking and using data so you can continue to measure progress for years to come
Not sure if this program is right for you? 
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
How much time will it take for me to participate in the course?
Each Unit is split into 3 or 4 easy-to-watch video lessons. Each lesson is 10-40 minutes in length so each whole unit should take 1-2 hours total to complete. There is optional homework after each unit, but that should be able to be done as you work with your clients or child (quick assessment, writing down ABC data, counting #1 and #2 words). 

There is also a very active private Facebook group with Dr. Barbera as well as professionals and parents from different parts of the world participating. The entire course should take a minimum of 12 hours to complete (6 hours to view the videos and 6 additional hours to listen to the calls).
How does the membership program work after the 60-day period?
At the end of 60 days, you will have the option to either enroll in our Intermediate Learner Course or continue to receive access to the Early Learner Course and Facebook Community as well as several bonus videos through our monthly membership program for $30 per month.
What ages will this course be relevant to?
This program is suitable for children from toddlers to teens. It is more specifically geared towards level of communicating and problem behaviors. If your child or client does not yet speak or speaks in one word or short phrases, is not conversational, and has mild to moderate problem behaviors – this program is for you! Even if your child/client has more language but isn’t conversational yet, this program may still be very helpful.

This program is also be a prerequisite for the Intermediate Learner Program, which covers techniques relevant to VB-MAPP and Level 2 and 3 Learners who need to learn advanced language skills such as prepositions and asking questions.
Will I have any live interaction with Dr. Barbera or the ability to ask questions the program?
Yes, the Facebook Group is very active and monitored on a very regular basis by Dr. Barbera and other professionals who can discuss the course and answer your questions. Due to ethical and legal requirements, however, we cannot offer specific programming advice for your particular child or client.

But Dr. Barbera will guide you to learn from the materials and help you apply the concepts. Best of all if you get stuck, we will help you. In addition to the FB group, live Q and A calls with Dr. Barbera are available once per month and recorded for those who cannot attend live.
I consider myself to be a “Gung-ho” parent, but I am worried your course will be too technical for me. Will I be able to keep up?
My course will help you reach your goal of being an advanced, ABA-savvy parent! I am starting at the beginning of Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior techniques, so if you follow along with me you will be able to keep up! The homework after each unit will be well explained, and I will be standing by to help you out if you get stuck. Also, the live monthly Q & A calls as well as the Facebook group will be excellent resources.

You can post questions on FB and the wonderful community of parents and professionals in the field, including myself and my colleagues, will be happy to help you through!
I’m overwhelmed with the information on the internet and I don’t know who to trust and what program to start (diet, supplements, ABA, horse therapy, preschool, speech therapy, typical pre-school). I’m paralyzed with fear about choosing the wrong interventions. Can your program be done with other programs already in place?
As a parent of a son with autism, I know how overwhelming information on the internet can be! That’s one of the main reasons I created this program so you don’t have to sift through all the information on the internet. Within the program (which can be combined with any other program you already have in place), I give you step-by-step procedures all based on the science of ABA (the most proven therapy for children with autism).
Will I have access to all materials at once for the 60-day period?
Yes! All video modules, homework, tools, the recorded and live calls, the bonus group, as well as the the Facebook Community will be available for 60 days from the date of purchase.

Also, if you want to re-watch any lesson when you have more time within the membership period, that will be an option too.
Will continuing education credits be earned for the completion of this course?
Yes! 12 Type 2 BACB CEUs can be earned for BCBAs/BCaBAs with the completion of all the videos and 6 audio calls as well as a short evaluation of the course. 

A certificate of completion for 12 hours will be given to all who finish the course so these hours can often be counted toward professional development type of requirements. Even if you do not need the credits, you will receive a nice certificate to keep once you complete the course.
My child has severe problem behaviors, will you be addressing this?
This program is not for children with severe problem behaviors. These types of behaviors need in-person, detailed, and a functional assessment from a highly qualified professional. Unfortunately, I cannot offer this sort of advice in an online forum.
How will the program work if I live outside of the United States?
One of the true advantages of this program is the fact that you can access it any time no matter where you are located. In fact, since the program was first launched in the spring of 2015, we’ve had members from 40 different Countries spanning 6 continents.
I am already a practicing professional in the autism field - will this course be too basic for me?
While the course is practical and accessible to both professionals and parents, I am confident you will not find the course too basic. The course is not highly technical, but it is highly practical for day-to-day implementation with your clients! Seasoned professionals who have already completed the Autism ABA Help on-line program have given excellent feedback about the program.

Even BCBAs with years of experience who had already seen me present at live workshops and others who work with me on a regular basis were thrilled with the content.
I only see children 1:1 for 30 or 60 minutes per week so I can’t even make a dent?
If you are a speech therapist, early intervention provider, or even a parent with multiple children who can only envision providing very brief 1:1 sessions (15-30 min per day or per week), if you do some of these programs, you can oftentimes see a difference. Once you start seeing progress, you can train other professionals and family members so they can also use the same techniques. 
I’m still not sure if this program is right for me. Is there someone I can contact?
Please email [email protected] and our team will be happy to help you with any additional questions!
Here’s What Other Participants are Saying About the Course
“Your ABA/VB online group is, without a doubt, the most efficient and effective tool I have used in 30 years of practice. I love it!”

- Karen Weisz, BCBA Massachusetts 
“I hardly ever used Facebook before joining this course, but I realized the power of connecting with different people through this medium. I felt I could share any problem I was facing, and Mary and other members of the group would respond so quickly.”

- Shubada, Mom to a 10-year old son with autism New Jersey 
“A revolutionary online course for professionals and parents that clearly shows effective techniques and strategies to improve language, communication and behavior. Dr. Mary Lynch Barbera’s unique ability to simplify complex information shows once again in this invaluable online training course which benefits individuals affected by autism around the world.”

- Fabienne Serna, MHR, Parent of a child affected by Autism, and Autismus Consultant Switzerland
“I especially LOVE being part of the Facebook group. It is a safe community to share ideas and ask questions. This is TOTALLY missing from the world of ABA. Thank you for offering such a fab course, for sharing your expertise and experience and for setting up and managing a great support network.”

- Kelly Taylor BSc (hons) BCaBA
“I am really hopeful for the first time in a long time. When you first realize it is autism, you feel defeated and guilty. I don’t feel that anymore, I just feel a lot of hope.”

- Angela C.
(Mom to a 3-year-old with autism)
“When I signed up, I had already taken many seminars on autism and several seminars on VB, but this course showed me how to be even more effective with the children I serve. I have been a speech pathologist for over 30 years, but I was truly excited with all the things I learned from Mary. I had the confidence to give the entire VB MAPP for the first time, and I find I am able to problem solve how to teach things so that the kids learn faster and enjoy it more.”

- Jennifer S. Lesher, MS, MA, Speech-Language Pathologist Pennsylvania
“The biggest impression was seeing the difference between some of the ABA videos in the past where children seemed like robots or were displaying horrible behaviors, compared to Mary’s videos where the children are happy, learning well and seem a lot more natural!”

- Mags Kirk, Speech and Language Therapist United Kingdom
“It’s great that in this course there are a large amount of useful and clear video examples and extra materials. Especially useful for me was the section describing the data collection.”

- Irene, Russia Speech therapist and a mom to son with autism
“…detailed, but not overwhelming; comprehensive, but tailored to early learners; informative, but to the point; and always focused on how to practically help children with autism. An amazing feat!”

- Magui M. (Parent to a 4-year-old son with autism) Scotland
What’s the Investment?
$497 or 3 easy payments of $197
Join us today!
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