Online ABA Help for Autism Parents
An online Course & Community to help you and your child (ages 6 - teen) live better lives.
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Online ABA Help For Autism Parents
An Online Courses & Community to help you and your child live happy, productive lives. 
"I wish I had Mary's course 8 years ago when my son was first diagnosed"
Autism Mom & Course Alumni
Autism ABA Help for Gung-Ho Parents
Get relief from the autism treatment maze today!
Interested in the course? Learn more in our free workshop!
You've tried everything and nothing has worked...
The autism treatment maze is an unforgiving place.
You and your child need help but finding an effective program is nearly impossible. So you just settle for what's available. Months turn into years and you see no progress. You want relief but no one can seem to lead you in the right direction.

If you’ve ever felt:
  •  Frustrated because your child isn't making progress at school
  •  Afraid because problem behaviors keep getting worse as he  gets older
  •  Aggrevated because your child won't sit to learn from you
  •   Tired of letting tantrums prevent you from going out into the community 
  •  Hopeless because you keep fighting with treatment teams
  •  Overwhelmed because expensive co-pays are adding up quickly
  •  Helpless because you don't know where to turn for help
Then Autism ABA Help is perfect for you!

You and your child can experience relief from the treatment maze. And you don’t have to live in any particular city, have insurance, or be an experienced autism professional to do it.

You just need an approach that works.

With Autism ABA Help we’ve removed the guesswork so you don’t have to waste your time, money, and sanity anymore.

Our treatment roadmap, has helped thousands of autism professionals and parents create life-changing ABA programming for kids 6-teen with moderate-to-severe autism.

Most importantly, the course was designed to make learning easy and fun for overwhelmed parents. We’ve purposely made the video lessons simple to understand so you don’t have to struggle.

Strength In Numbers
When you Register for The Autism ABA Help Course, you'll receive exclusive access to our Private members-only Facebook Group. 
You'll join hundreds of parents and professionals from over 50 countries who want to help make things better for you and your child. This community is here for you when you have questions or need support.

Jump in and join one of the most gracious and engaging online communities in the autism world!

Mary Barbera
Who Is This Course for?  
This course was created for parents who have children with moderate-to-severe autism.
You will benefit if your child...
  • Is between 6 - 16 years old
  • Cannot express their wants and needs or answer questions consistently
  • Displays problem behaviors
  • Is making little to no progress in school
What Are Parents Saying?
We've received amazing feedback from many people. Here are just a few!
Autism Mom & Course Alumni
- New Jersey -
“It’s great that in this course there are a large amount of useful and clear video examples and extra materials. Especially useful for me was the section describing the data collection.”
Autism Mom, Speech Therapist & Course Alumni
- Russia -
"I’m definitely happier and more relaxed than I was before taking the course because I was in a sense of panic over not knowing what to do, and how to make sure my son was getting everything he needed."
Kelsey G.
Autism Mom & Course Alumni
- Canada -
"I tell parents all the time, your best defense against autism is education. You’ve got to educate yourself. Parents are always there. Therapists come and go, but parents are parents for life. I think it’s vital that parents start working to educate themselves. That’s why I love the stuff Mary does because it’s very parent-friendly and it helps them figure out where to begin."
Dana Garner
- Pennsylvania -
As an autism parent, you have two clear options:
Get relief from the autism maze. Or be overwhemed by it.
Join us today and

  •  Experience better language and fewer problem behaviors
  •  Become a confident teacher, leader, and advocate for your child
  •  Celebrate because you single-handedly changed your child's life
  •  Take control - no longer let the system dictate your life 
  •  Learn what questions to ask so you can guide the treatment team
  •  Help other parents who are stuck
  •  Rest easy knowing you've brought your family hope
  •  Finally, live the happy, productive life you always imagined!
Change nothing and 


  •  Stress will mount as problem behaviors get worse
  •   Feel like you're not doing enough because your child is suffering
  •  Get even more stuck because you don't know what questions to ask
  •  Throw away your time, savings, and emotional health
  •  Lose sleep because you're constantly worried about the future
  •  See relationships suffer because you remain stuck in the maze
More Feedback From Parents and Professionals!
Zuheil B.
Autism Mom & Course Alumni
- Virginia -
Kristen Colyer
BCBA & Course Alumni
- Maryland -
Fabienne Serna
Autism Consultant and Mom
 & Course Alumni
- Switzerland -
Interested in the course? Learn more in our free workshop today.
Dr. Mary Barbera - Creator of Turn Autism Around Courses
I Can Help You Get Unstuck...
I know what it feels like to be lost in the autism treatment maze. It's a lonely, scary place. But, I also know what it's like to come out on the other side - to see real transformations take place.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I’ve been in the autism world for over 2 decades, first as a confused parent, and then as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of children with autism. Many of these kids made miraculous gains. 

But that's not every story. With autism numbers rising exponentially, there are millions of parents, professionals, and children who desperately need help and have nowhere to turn. 

The Autism ABA Help Early Learner Course was designed to teach you effective techniques so you and your child can live happy, productive lives. 

It was made for you. The maze is difficult to navigate but with "the right approach," you can get unstuck and take back control. 

I'll see you inside!

All my best,

Help Yourself, Your Child, and Your Family.
It's not worth struggling. Learn the approach that can help you turn things around for good.
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