Autism ABA Help Toilet Training

As a Registered Nurse and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, I have always been interested in and comfortable with the topic of toilet training children on the autism spectrum. Chapter 11 of my book (The Verbal Behavior Approach) is dedicated to potty training and over the past decade, I have assisted in toileting training dozens of children, many with severe disabilities.

In preparation for an Advanced Training Solutions (ATS) webinar on toilet training in January 2013, I conducted a literature review and also created and distributed a survey for parents to complete on the topic. Within a week of advertising that a toilet training survey was available, more than 200 parents of children and adults with autism completed the 5-minute on-line survey.

The results indicated that about half of the children and adults whose parents completed the survey were not fully toilet trained. Even for those who were successful, most parents indicated that toilet training required a lot of effort and that many still had issues with toileting in public bathrooms. One other surprising finding was that almost 70% of the respondents still had difficulties with wiping, a huge issue not found in other studies or surveys. Over 450 participants including behavior analysts, teachers, other professionals, and parents viewed the webinar when it initially aired in January. The feedback was excellent and included:

“Your presentation was wonderful! Evidence-based, clear, filled with practical suggestions, great illustrations and videos and excellent references. Thank you!!”

“It was a GREAT webinar! Mary, as always…….did an amazing job! Thank you so much for all you do”

Don’t wait, register now to watch my two-hour instructional webinar on toilet training (which includes a pre- and post-test and active responding throughout and two BCBA CEU credits if needed). Independent toileting is one of the most important life skills to learn for children with autism and other disabilities. Whether or not a child is toilet trained impacts many areas of life including school placement options, access to childcare and the ability to participate in leisure activities. My webinar is offered in collaboration with Autism Training Solutions (ats) and the cost is $60. Upon clicking the button, you will be directed to the Autism Training Solutions website where you will learn more about the webinar and have the opportunity to pay for and watch the webinar. For best results while watching the webinar, please download the Toilet Training Toolkit.

“The webinar provides the most comprehensive yet easy to understand guidelines to toilet training that I have ever found. I especially liked the toilet training plan, which gives everyone working with the child a clear overview of the most important elements and procedures to be used. I strongly recommend this webinar to parents and professionals, even to those who already have some experience with the topic!”

Julia Buchenau-Schloemer, BCBA

I purchased this webinar after 5 years of attempts to train my son who has autism. Most of what I ran across previously assumed a level of language ability that my son does not have. This webinar provides excellent advice for those working on toilet training with someone who needs a high degree of support. I enthusiastically recommend it!

Regina Conti, parent of 8-year-old son with autism