Is Your Toddler Showing Signs of Autism 
or Already Diagnosed?
Start Turning Things Around Today!
Is Your Toddler Showing Signs of Autism 

or Already Diagnosed?
Start Turning Things Around Today!
“Do this course if you’re worried about your toddler’s language. You won’t be disappointed.”
Sherry, Mom & Course Alumni
An Online Course + Community for Parents and Professionals
What Parents and Professionals Are Saying
We've received heartfelt feedback from many people. Here are just a few!
"I tell parents all the time “Your best defense against autism is education. You’ve got to educate yourself.” Parents are always there. Therapists come and go, but parents are parents for life. I think it’s vital that parents start working early and educate themselves. That’s why I love the stuff Mary does because it’s very parent-friendly and it helps them figure out where to begin."
Dana Garner, PhD, BCBA-D
"When my son Matthew was 14 months old, the 10 words he had were suddenly lost and I was very concerned about a possible diagnosis of autism. I contacted Mary and took her course for professionals and “gung-ho” parents and began doing some of the activities and homework assignments. Mary’s strategies were so easy (and fun!) to implement with my son, and were very quickly effective in increasing his language. I’m happy to report that he is now 3 and talking like a 5-year-old! I’ll be forever grateful to Mary for her advice." 
Sherry, Mom & Course Alumni
“I think it’s really easy to implement these techniques in just 20 minutes a day at a table and then throughout the rest of your day in your daily routine. I'm teaching my son 24 hours a day. Even if I had the best therapist in the world, I can't afford for them to be here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
Kelsey, Mom & Course Alumni
I know. You're worried...

You have an incredible responsibility.
You care for your children so they can grow up to live happy productive lives.

But it isn't always easy, especially when your child or clients have been diagnosed or are showing signs of autism.

If you've ever felt:
  •  Worried because your son isn't talking as much as his older sister did 
  • Helpless because tantrums are getting hard to handle
  • Confused because your pediatrician isn't giving you answers
  •  Angry because there are no reliable ABA treatment options near you
  •  Burned-out because your clients aren't making progress
Then this course is for you!

Here's the truth: 

It's possible for your child or clients to recover if they're treated aggresively at the first signs of autism. 

But the problem is, very few parents can figure out how to get an effective program in place, early enough. 

And this should never happen.

I believe everyone should have access to comprehensive autism treatment, no matter your location, schedule, or education background. 

If your child has a chance to recover or make drastic improvements, then waiting lists, unreliable programs, and expensive co-pays shouldn't stand in the way.
Turn Autism Around: 
An Online Program to Help You Tackle Autism (or Signs of Autism) 
in Your Toddler or Preschooler.
Dr. Mary Barbera - Creator of Turn Autism Around Courses
I'll Guide You Through "The Maze"
I know what it feels like to be lost in the autism treatment maze. It's a lonely, scary place. But, I also know what it's like to come out on the other side - to see real transformations.

Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera and I’ve been in the autism world for 2 decades, first as a confused parent, and then as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. 

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of children with autism and toddlers showing early signs. Many of these kids made miraculous gains, and they’re now living happy productive lives. 

But that's not every story. With autism numbers rising exponentially, there are millions of parents, professionals, and children who desperately need help and have nowhere to turn. 

This course was designed to teach you proven-ABA techniques so you can help your child or clients 5 and under, talk more and tantrum less! 

It was made for you. Whether you're an overwhelmed parent or burnt out professional, the maze is difficult to navigate on your own but with "the right" help, you can get relief. 

Join us today and take back control.

What You Get
This course is 100% online, pre-recorded, and meant for the busy parent or professional.
Access Anywhere
You have enough to worry about. This course was designed so you can learn and teach at your own pace. All video modules are available on-demand.
Grow In Community
This journey is difficult to walk alone. Be encouraged by other parents and professionals who have walked in your shoes and experienced real change.
Receive CEU Credit
Learn proven-ABA techniques that will help your clients, plus get a certificate for 10 hours of inservice education or 10 Type II BACB CEUs for Behavior Analysts
Become An Advocate
Don't wait for a diagnosis or waste money on ineffective treatment. Learn proven-strategies that will make your child's life better, and help you lead with confidence. 
You're Not Alone 
When you Register for the course, you'll receive exclusive access to our Turn Autism Around for Toddlers and Preschoolers Private Facebook Group. 
Here, you'll have a community to lean on when you have questions or need help. 

Join one of the most gracious and engaging online communities in the Autism world!
The Proven Process
Follow Along Module-by-Module
In as little as 15-minutes a day, you'll be able to implement an effective treatment plan for your child or client. 
Join The Online Community
Gain confidence, competence, and create life-long relationships by growing alongside other autism parents and professionals.
Experience Real Transformation
Celebrate improved language and fewer tantrums in your toddler or preschooler, but also see positive change in your life. 
Hear How the Course Helped Jennilyn's 2 Year Old Son
From 0 Words to Talking in Short Phrases!
As a parent or professional, you have two clear options:
Get relief from the maze. Or be overwhelmed by it.
Join us today and

  • Become completely comfortable teaching your child
  • Celebrate knowing you created a program that produces results
  • ​Take back control - don't let the system dictate your life
  • ​Be inspired by parents and professionals who understand you
  • ​Help others who are feeling hopeless in the maze
  • ​Learn what questions to ask so you can better advocate for your child
  • ​Look forward to working with your clients and their families
  • ​Build a life you... your child... your clients... will love!
Change nothing and 


  • ​Stress more as problem behaviors consume you and your child's lives
  •  Feel like you're not doing enough because your child is suffering 
  • ​Remain in the dark because you're not sure what questions to ask
  • ​Feel lost because you don't know which advice to follow
  • ​Worry because your son isn't talking like other kids his age  
  •  Remain frustrated because your clients aren't seeing gains
  • ​Worry about you and your child's future
What's Your Investment?
One Payment of:
60-Days of Unlimited Access
  • 6-Module ABA Treatment Course
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • 5 FREE BONUS VIDEOS ($497 value)
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!
60-Days of Unlimited Access
  • 6-Module ABA Treatment Course
  • Access to Private Facebook Community
  • 5 FREE BONUS VIDEOS ($497 value)
  • 14-Day Money Back Guarantee!
My Happiness Guarantee
You have 14-days from the date of purchase to request a full refund. Check out some of the modules, bonus videos, and attend a LIVE Q&A Session to make sure the course is right for you. If you decide it's not we'll give you your money back - guaranteed.
Here's The Course Breakdown...
Module #1: Where Do You Begin?
We’ll start with how to assess, plan and put a simple 15-minute per day program in place based on where your child is at today.
Module #2: Decreasing Tantrums
We’ll talk about stopping (or at least reducing) tantrums and other problem behaviors that are overwhelming you right now. Plus, we’ll discuss how to prevent and treat new problem behaviors as they come up.
Module #3: Increasing Talking
In this module, we'll cover easy systems you can put in place to improve your child’s communication skills.
Module #4: Solving Eating Issues
We’ll discuss how to get your toddler eating better and will also include strategies to get your child off a pacifier or bottle if needed.
Module #5: Pulling It All Together
I’ll show you 10 ways to help you effectively expand your 15-min teaching time.
Module #6: Advocating And Next Steps
We’ll discuss how to become your child’s best advocate, with or without a diagnosis, and the next steps you can take so that you can both live better lives.
Plus,Your Bonus Videos
1. Solve Sleep Problems
Stop playing musical beds at night. Teach your child how to sleep in his own bed without problem behaviors arising.
2. The Power of Pointing
Learn how to teach your child to point so you and him can communicate better.
3. Make Socializing Fun
Discover when and how to teach social skills so your child can play and interact with others. 
4. Greetings... Simplified
Teach your child how to greet adults and peers. 
5. Potty Training Secrets
Learn when and how to teach your child how to use the potty.
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