#001: Lessons I’ve Learned on My Autism Journey for Parents and Professionals

Welcome to the very first episode of my brand new podcast! My podcast is specifically designed for both parents and professionals in the autism world who want to turn things around for their children or clients, be less stressed and lead happier lives.

In this episode, I talk about my “fall” into the autism world 2 decades ago and my own transformation from an overwhelmed parent to autism advocate, professional, and change-maker.

I’ll be discussing why I started the podcast, what topics will be coming up, and who the podcast is for. And I also tell how I was in denial and what led me out of denial—Dr. Ivar Lovaas’s classic research and Catherine Maurice’s books are a part of that story.

In this episode, I also give 15 lessons I’ve learned for both parents and professionals on how to navigate the autism world, how to learn about ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and Verbal Behavior programming, and how to take care of yourself in the process.

Mentioned in this episode:

Free Online Autism Workshops
Video Blog about Autism Recovery
— Video Blog about Denial
The PA Verbal Behavior Project (now known as the PATTAN Autism ABA Supports Initiative)  

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