#003: Lessons about Turning Autism Around: An Interview with a Mom of 2 Young Boys with Autism

Today I’m talking with Kelsey General, a single mother of two young boys with autism. She’s sharing her incredible journey with us… from the moment she suspected there was something different about her oldest son, to the point when she realized that she would have to educate herself about autism in order to help her children.

Kelsey discovered my online courses during a time when working with professionals just wasn’t helping her son, and she learned how to be her child’s best teacher and biggest advocate for life. She now works with children with autism and their families!

Kelsey talks about the warning signs she first spotted in her oldest son, and then later with her second son.

She also explains why it’s imperative for parents to mark what milestones their children are hitting

Kelsey describes how she fought for early diagnosis with her first child, and how she used what she learned to teach her younger son, too.

It didn’t always work out as she hoped, but Kelsey has used each setback to learn and grow… and now she’s able to not only help her own sons but to teach other parents how to do the same.

Kelsey’s story is very inspiring, and I’m sure parents of children with autism will not only be able to relate to her, but also learn from her. As Kelsey will tell you, raising a child (or two!) with autism is not easy… but it doesn’t have to be a negative journey.

Mentioned in this episode:

— The Early Start Denver Model, by Sally J. Rodgers and Geraldine Dawson
— The M Chat
— Dr. Mary Barbera Workshop

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “You need to become the captain of the ship and stay the captain of the ship.”
  • “I’m not interested in living in a hopeless, hopeless life… that’s not where my best me lies.”
  • Studies prove that if one child has autism, the chances of a sibling having autism are 19 percent.
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