#008: Behaviorbabe (Dr. Amanda Kelly): Autism, Advocacy and Social Media

Over the course of the last two decades I’ve created some great friendships and met some amazing people in the Behavior Analyst community and, in episode eight, I interview my close friend and fellow Behavior Analyst, Dr. Amanda Kelly.

Amanda readily admits that she really “fell” into the world of autism. Even at three years old she knew she wanted to be a teacher and, after meeting a beautiful blue-eyed boy whose parents were looking for someone to teach their son using ABA, Amanda knew that she was meant to work in this field.

In 2016, Dr. Kelly became the very first licensed Behavior Analyst in Hawaii! Since then she has spearheaded the charge to change the funding for autistic families in Hawaii, as well as advocated for autism and has encouraged others to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

In the Behavior Analyst community, Dr. Amanda Kelly is also known as Behaviorbabe. The clever moniker was originally just a Twitter handle, but today it’s evolved into her very own website, Behaviorbabe.com. She also created a Facebook page as well as her very own podcast series under the same title.

Amanda has seen some of the highest highs and the lowest lows that one can experience when working as an advocate and as a Behavior Analyst. She’s seen a child go on to become a “best case scenario” story, but she’s also continued to work with incredibly challenging cases. Throughout her entire career, her motivation has been her determination to see every child lead their happiest, safest life.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “And when I saw that we were able to relieve or develop skills that were going to allow him to succeed in ways that I didn’t know were possible, I had to do everything I could to make that an option for everybody else.”
  • “People will come after you if you’re trying to achieve change.”
  • “I am fighting for our children. I’m fighting with our families. I even sometimes like to take the word fight out of it and say I am trying to be a champion for our children.”
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