#010: Rosemarie Griffin, SLP & BCBA: Increasing Speech

In previous episodes, I have emphasized the importance of helping your child develop verbal language skills. It is the easiest form of communication between a child and parent or professional and is known to decrease problem behaviors and increase desirable results. Speech-language pathologists (“SLP”) specialize in this field, but very few specialize in both SLP and BCBA. Rosemarie Griffin is one of those few.

Rosemarie worked in the public school system and quickly realized that she was meant to work with children with autism; soon, she found her calling as a speech therapist. Rosemarie has been an SLP for fifteen years now.

Rosemarie wanted to be able to better treat her clients that had more complex communication needs. So she spent some time at the University of North Texas and eventually became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has had both certifications for seven years now.

Along with being a certified SLP and BCBP, Rosemarie is also an entrepreneur and online creator! She created the games Action Builder Cards and Double Up. She uses both games during her speech therapy sessions; I also use them at home with my son Lucas. You can buy these resources at:  www.marybarbera.com/abaspeech.

Rosemarie and I agree that our ultimate goal is to help parents, professionals, and children lead their safest, happiest lives through intensive ABA. After this episode, we hope that you’re one step closer to achieving that goal yourself.

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Shareable Quotes:

  • “…I just really loved that challenge, you know, turning that problem behavior into functional communication.”
  • “And you know, that’s the thing too, is that communication doesn’t just happen when the speech language pathologist is in the room.”
  • “So I think whatever you love that gives you joy, you need to try to just take a little time for that because once you’re feeling so stressed and overwhelmed, it’s just hard to be in your house when you’re feeling that way and to be the best for your kids.”
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