Two Tips to Teach Children With Autism in the Natural Environment

In today’s video, I’m going to teach you 2 tips to teach children with autism in the natural environment.

Tip #1:  Use Toys with Parts

Using toys with parts is important throughout programming so that you, as the adult whether you’re a parent or a professional, can be seen as the “giver,” not the “taker.”

If your child, for instance, really loves cars and you give him a big car, he now has the car. You have nothing else to give your child, and you are no longer able to be the “giver.”  It is much better to have 10 small cars and a garage (a toy with parts) so you can give the cars one at a time enabling you to pair yourself with reinforcement and to be seen as the “giver.”

Even if your child is not yet talking, you can still use the same procedures to pair yourself with reinforcement and to build compliance.  

Tip #2:  Use Books

It’s really important when you select your books to select books with very few words on the page and to ask questions that you’re pretty sure the child will be able to answer.

When you’re choosing books, also remember that it is best to choose books that your child is not familiar with because a child can get very stuck and rigid if you use the same books over and over.  If you use books that the child is familiar with, you probably won’t be able to get as much attention than if you use new books since the child might be used to flipping through the familiar books and going to his favorite parts. I actually encourage you to go to the library every week and get novel books based on your child’s level.

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