Teaching Body Parts to Children with Autism Using Mr. Potato Head

One of my favorite teaching tools is Mr. Potato Head. This is a great toy to use for a variety of programs. I particularly like to use Mr. Potato Head for teaching body parts. It’s a helpful tool because all the parts come off and you can teach the child to label, to request, and to touch their body parts with this great toy!

Here’s a quick video of how I use Mr. Potato Head:

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As both a parent of a son with autism, a Registered Nurse and a Behavior Analyst, I believe that teaching children body parts is important for many reasons. For instance, being able to touch and label body parts is the first step for a child to be able to tell someone he is in pain.

Regardless of a child’s age, consider using Mr. Potato Head to teach your child or client with autism to request, label, and touch body parts! To get you started on teaching body parts more effectively I’ve created a free cheat sheet on teaching body parts that you can download and start using right away.

*Mr. Potato Head is a registered trademark of Hasbro.

Ready to start helping your child or client(s) understand body parts? Download the cheat sheet now!