Using Mr. Potato Head to Teach Body Parts to Your Child or Client with Autism

One of my favorite teaching tools is Mr. Potato Head. This is a great toy to use for a variety of programs. I particularly like to use Mr. Potato Head to teach body parts. It’s a helpful tool because all the parts come off and you can teach the child to label, to request, and to touch their body parts with this great toy!

Here’s a quick video of how I use Mr. Potato Head:

As both a parent of a son with autism, a Registered Nurse, and a Behavior Analyst, I believe that teaching children body parts is important for many reasons. For instance, being able touch and label body parts is the first step for a child to be able to tell someone he is in pain.

Regardless of a child’s age, consider using Mr. Potato Head to teach your child or client with autism to request, label, and touch body parts!

*Mr Potato Head is a registered trademark of Hasbro.