How ABA Principles Can Help Your Marriage

The last few weeks, I’ve covered some book that have made a positive impact on my life, and this week, I’d like to talk about another book, “What Shamu Taught Me About Life, Love, and Marriage” by Amy Sutherland.

I came across this book years ago, it was published in 2009. In this book, the author, Amy Sutherland, who is a journalist, describes her journey in working on a book by going to an animal park, the Moorpark College’s Exotic Animal Training and Management Program, back in 2003. She was working on a book on how to train animals, and in the process of her following around the students at the exotic animal training park, she actually learned a lot about ABA principles that ended up changing her marriage and also changing her life. She went on to write an article, and then this book, which is just an awesome book about how she learned these animal training techniques, and applied them to her own life.

I have read the book, recommended it and I’ve especially recommended it to other parents of children with autism, who are having struggles in their marriage. Marriages involving a child with autism are much more at risk for divorce, and there’s a lot of decision making and negotiating between the parents that really takes center stage when a child gets diagnosed, and has ABA programs in place, especially.

I do find that this book helps people to understand that ABA is not just for children with autism, but these principles can really help to change lives, and change marriages. Amy says in the book that she has become a much more optimistic person after learning about ABA techniques, and the training techniques used at the animal park. She basically thinks that everyone with this information will have a better life. So I highly recommend that you read the book, and recommend it to your clients and other parents.

I know the book has helped me a lot, so hopefully it will help you too.

I’ll see you next week.